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About Me

Hi, I’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Lauren, I’m a wife and mom of two and passionate about exploring the world and learning languages! On Travelers Learn Languages I love to create fun practical language learning resources for students and teachers of all ages.

Lauren of Travelers Learn Languages with headphones on with the walls of the Pope's Palace in Avignon France in the background

I would like to help you learn and/or teach different languages, and I love creating printables and digital resources that make it more fun and engaging. Through my resources, I strive to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for language learners of all ages.

I love helping others learn and have a variety of language teaching experiences. I taught high school French, middle school Spanish, and English as a foreign language while I was in the Peace Corps in the country of Georgia. Yes, I will be adding some Georgian language learning resources as well!

A cartoon Lauren, coming out of an apple

“Lauren was patient and persistent in her efforts to reach all students, and she spent a great amount of time developing lessons and activities that were varied, engaging, challenging, and carefully designed and sequenced to best meet her students’ diverse learning needs, while preparing them to perform successfully on district assessments.”

— Kelley, Former World Languages Department Head

About me

  • I was born in Denver, Colorado
  • I tend to stay up too late after the kids go to bed
  • Please don’t talk to me before my morning cup of coffee
  • I discovered the keto diet when my daughter was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease
  • I am a book dragon, I enjoy curling up with a great book or discovering new authors
  • When I get stressed I clean the house, or pretty much anything in my sight
  • My first language love was French
  • I really like wandering through the big beautiful castles of Europe
  • My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them
  • I see my students as my children, whatever their age

xx, Lauren

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